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The word "Lithotherapie" is a trademark.

Lithotherapy, from Greek root lithos (stone), is an alternative system of medicine that uses energy of stones to balance and harmonize the body. It uses, among other things, seven zones of body called chakras that facilitate the exchange of energy. As this discipline does not have any federation, the best manner to learn it is to start with books about the subject.

Therapeutic stones in history

Rocks have been used for medical purposes since time immemorial.

For example, Greeks used the marble powder to cure stomach aches, or red jasper as a fortifier. In the East, antimony was considered as the best treatment for infectious diseases and food poisoning. Amerindians knew the benefits of clay and the antiseptic effects of copper. In India, Iron sulphate was used as a vermifuge and potassium nitrate as a diuretic. In China, several mineral drugs were considered as having the ability to balance or stimulate energies… During the Middle-Ages, alchemists often advised either precious or semi-precious stones to cure diseases by abiding by the law of similitude. Thus, for example, emerald could treat liver because it was green... like the bile.

Using stones to cure

Medical aspect can be found in an alternative medicine based on stones: Lithotherapy. Stones and minerals have vibrations and qualities that make them suitable for removing physical and psychological stress. When these are placed at the level of chakras (energy centre of the body) or worn as pendants, they are believed to have the power to treat the organs to which they are naturally connected.

Lithotherapy uses the energy of stones to maintain balance between body-soul-spirit. It helps us at physical as well as psychological and spiritual level by removing certain emotional blocks and by helping in creating awareness.

Lithotherapy has a fast action and no side-effects. It is effective for everyone regardless of the fact whether they are adults or children.
The energy of stones is related to their chemical composition, colour and form. They work on whole of our body but especially on our chakras (energy centres).

Some stones have a calming effect while others stimulate, fortify or create a protection.
Beyond the sessions of Lithotherapy, the simple act of wearing a stone on oneself helps in enjoying its benefits.

The active ingredients of Lithotherapy

- Chromotherapy is the therapy that uses colours to cure. It is a method that is both simple and effective. The effect of colours does not stop at our perception of the same. For each element of matter, there is a specific energy vibration frequency that canbe translated by corresponding colours. Similarly, our subtle bodies and Chakras have their own energy levels and therefore different colour. By using each type of colour, one can treat one disease or other, refocus the chakras or improve our subtle bodis by bringing in energy that lacks by using stones of corresponding colours.

Example : Red is a stimulant and fortifier.

- Oligotherapy is a way of treating oneself by using trace elements and minerals that are used in homeopathy in an infinitesimal quantity. Usually, chemical composition of each stone has many types of associated minerals that will be used as a basis for treatment.

Example : Olivine = Iron and Magnesium silicate.

- There is also an energetic criterion, which is more or less dependent on the practitioner and therapist who, according to its and patient's state of energy, can have have a range of choice corresponding to a specific treatment.

It is with a combination of all these modes of therapy and taking into account the energy transported by the stones that this new scice is called LITHOTHERAPY" .

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